18th Birthday Building Enhancement

This past Yom Kippur we proudly announced the upcoming 18th birthday of the building we call our home. Please mark your calendars for a special Shabbat service and birthday celebration on Friday November 30th.  We also explained during Yom Kippur that we see signs of aging around our building – and some areas will soon need refurbishment, such as our HVAC, roof, carpeting, and sound system.

At the top of the list are enhancements to our security system. In light of the tragic events in Pittsburgh it is imperative that we continue to keep our building safe and accessible to the entire Kol Emet community. It is also critical that we demonstrate our resolve as Jews to maintain our building as a sacred, secure sanctuary that supports our vibrant and growing community, where we are able to celebrate our unique heritage.

We are a healthy and thriving congregation, but like all religious institutions we operate on a limited budget.  While we manage our finances and maintain a capital reserve, our Executive Board recommends keeping this reserve intact for true emergencies.  We need your financial support to make prioritized enhancements and upgrades to our home.

Each one of your contributions matters.  The whole purpose of Torah is to build a holy society – one that cares for the poor and the needy, that proudly educates and nurtures our Jewish spirits, and brings God into our celebrations and times of sorrow.  Please help us sustain our precious community’s physical home.  To participate in this important initiative please return the enclosed card. Or, if you prefer, you can go directly to the Kol Emet website (kolemet.org) or call the office.

Thank you for your continued support of Kol Emet and a continued strong Jewish community. 

Building Enhancement Fundraising Campaign

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