Dear KE community,


You may know that Kol Emet, in conjunction with other congregations in the area, has been supporting a couple of Syrian refugee families. One family has a two young daughters, one of whom is getting ready to attend preschool. She is wetting her feet (as it were) at Kamp Kol Emet. We are excited to welcome Y, as she begins Kamp starting on July 5th!

The family does not have a car, so she will need rides to and from camp. This effort is being coordinated by our well-organized local refugee settlement committee. I want to emphasize that KE is not assuming responsibility for finding drivers or for the actions of the drivers – this is simply an opportunity (and a need) to which people who wish to help this family can respond. If you might be able to assist in this effort, even in a limited extent, please read on and let me know if you are interested. I will then give your name and contact info to a liaison for the family.

Kamp is three days a week – Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday – and begins at 9am and ends at 1pm. The family lives not far from Kol Emet. The morning driver needs to take A and R (the mother and younger daughter) along with Y to preschool and then take R and A back to their apartment. The morning pickup time at the apartment will be 8:45. The afternoon driver needs to pick up A and R at their apartment at 12:45 and then take everyone home afterwards. The morning and afternoon drivers for any given day need not be the same. If the driver for a day is going to be the same, they can leave in the car seats (which will be provided) in between pickups.

There is a central coordinator organizing rides for the family. When people sign up for the driving pool, they are not committing to any specific responsibilities – they will merely receive notices of the needs and opportunities and they can respond (or not) at that point. The postings will give the specific information each driver needs to know.

If you can help, please send me an email.  We would be so very grateful.

Rabbi Anna