What Is Scrip?

Scrip is a fundraising program where an organization buys supermarket gift cards/ certificates at a 5% discount and then sells them to families at face value. The gift cards/certificates can be used at the supermarket for your everyday purchases. This means that Kol Emet can raise money as a fundraiser by simply asking families to pre-purchase SCRIP for use to purchase items they normally purchased anyway.

Kol Emet scrip for McCaffrey’s Markets comes in the form of gift cards rather than the $10.00 paper scrip of the past. So, if you have hesitated to purchase McCaffrey’s scrip because you couldn’t be bothered with the $10.00 paper scrip, now you will receive a gift card.

We also have scrip for Giant and Shop Rite. Just order using the scrip order form (see below).

Help your synagogue earn money by participating in this program. If, for example, you order $100 in scrip, you receive $100 worth of gift cards to use at one of the above three supermarkets. And, don’t forget you can use your credit card to pay for scrip if you wish so you can earn your credit card points/miles.

Submit a Scrip request online or download and print form below.

Store (required)

Frequency (required)
OnceMonthlyEvery Two Months

I will pick up Scrip (required)
At the officeThrough arrangements with Paula Kearns

Payment (required)
Charge my card on fileI will send a check and want 2.5% dues creditI will send a check and waive the dues credit


Download (PDF, 67KB)