February 11, 2018 – First Town Hall Meeting



Kol Emet’s Board of Directors and the Long Range Planning Committee are preparing a strategic plan to ensure our congregation is sustainable now and in the future. Sustainability means striving not just for survival, but for financial health and community engagement. The purpose of the plan is to implement the Kol Emet Enduring Strategic Objectives that were developed during the Board retreat held in June 2017. Moreover, the plan needs to encompass some key principles:

  • Our Mission: Kol Emet is a Reconstructionist Jewish Congregation that strives to encourage Spiritual Fulfillment, Happiness and meaning for its members and their families through interactive worship, lifelong education and service to our community and the world.
  • Our Values: ▪ Inclusion ▪ Social Justice ▪ Jewish Survival ▪ Lifelong Jewish learning ▪ Diversity ▪ Tikun Olam ▪ Egalitarianism ▪ Commitment to Community
  • Our Purpose: Ensuring the Jewish culture and community thrive in Bucks County by committing ourselves to applying Jewish traditions to today’s changing world.

Through preliminary inquiries and Board discussions, we’ve also identified certain actions that the administration, religious, education and social functions should take over the next three to five years to ensure sustainability. The strategic plan will provide a roadmap for success.