Supermarket Gift Cards

Why not purchase your SUPERMARKET GIFT CARDS via Kol Emet so you can GIVE BACK 5%* on your purchase?

If every Kol Emet household purchases gift cards on a monthly basis to do their everyday shopping, we will reduce our deficit up to 50% WITHOUT asking you to increase your financial obligation to Kol Emet.

Rabbi Anna and the entire Board participate in this program and encourage you to join us! Various payment and card pick-up options are available on the form below.

THANK YOU for participating in the SUPERMARKET GIFT CARD program and supporting Kol Emet.

*5% back to KE with cash/check or 2.5% with credit card

Purchase Supermarket Gift Cards By Check or Credit Card

    Frequency (required)
    MonthlyI'll try it once

    I would like to get the card(s) (required)
    At the officeThrough delivery or arrangements with Paula KearnsIn my child's backpack

    Payment (required)
    I will send a checkCharge my credit card on file

    You may change your order at any time by contacting the Gift Card Coordinator (Paula Kearns) or Zach in the office.